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30 Days of WoW: Day 17

Good Morning!

30 Days of WoW

A new day, a new question!

Favorite Dungeon or Raid?

Sunwell Plateau
This was a toughie too....cause I do like a few things BUT I believe my number one favorite is the Sunwell raid. It's an absolutely beautiful raid and shows a lot of the Blood Elf architecture and culture. Also....M'uru....oh M'uru....If you stop to listen and hear his 'song'...the corrupt song is so sad and in a discord of notes...as well as far lower in tone compared to a normal Naaru, which makes me tear up. I also love the big scene at the end with Velen after you smack Kil'Jaeden back down his hole.
Tag guys! What dungeon or raid is your favorite?